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Regulations for visitors of the Biebrza National Park

  • For canoeing on the distance between Osowiec and Biały Grąd till 23 of June, please obtain a permit from the Park Manager and valid admission tickets.
  • On other trails valid admission tickets are obligated only
  • Sightseeing is only allowed on marked trails after buying park admission tickets. It is possible to buy them at the Park Headquarters and Tourist Agency in Osowiec-Twierdza, the forest lodge in Grzędy or other lodges in the park.
  • Groups of visitors between 7 and 25 people are required to purchase a licensed guide.
  • Visiting is only allowed from dusk to dawn.
  • Making fires are only allowed in specifically marked areas.
  • Angling is possible only after purchasing an angling license certified by the BNP, which can be found at many shops scattered throughout the valley.
  • Using boat engines are prohibited.
  • All plants and animals are protected including their habits, be considerate to other living things.
  • It is forbidden to break the silence on all nature trail, no yelling or hollering.
  • It is only allowed to drive on public roads in the park, driving on roads specifically for park employees are not allowed.
  • there is an obligation to get a special permission from the Managing Director of the Biebrza N.P. to conduct scientific researches.