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Biebrza River – one of the very few left, natural and wild lowland rivers in Europe. Beginning close to Bielarussia border the Beaver river is beautifully meandering throughout the marshy valley crossing outstanding landscapes and small traditional settlements. The name of the river “Biebrza” (spelling biebsha) was given after the beaver as there are many beavers living there. Spring brings huge and picturesque flooding and the river turns into a massive, shallow lake in the lower parts. Such amount of water creates unique habitats for migratory, water and waterfowl birds. There are hundreds of thousands of gees on migration, fanfares of mute swans in early spring, crane dancing and spectacular ruff displays taking place later in the spring. Yellow fields of flowering Marsh marigolds and grazing elk are among the others great attritions too.

Kayaking or canoeing on Biebrza river gives you an extraordinary occasion to experience the beauty and wilderness of our Biebrza and the Biebrza National Park.

We offer kayak and canoe tours on the Biebrza River and its tributaries for groups and individuals. The kayaking/canoeing takes from 5 to 7 days and the rout amounts up to 140 km. If you like we can organize just a day trip in different parts of the river. For one day trip we recommend take either Dolistowo-Goniądz (15 km) or Goniądz-Osowiec (8 km) or Osowiec-Biały Grąd (14 km) route.

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Enjoy the Biebrza National Park with Biebrza Explorer.



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